DeWalt DC390K Circular Saw

The DeWalt DC390K is a cordless circular saw kit that is driven by a powerful 18 V nickel cadmium battery. This battery ensures fast and reliable service over a wide range of different applications. Equally suited for rip cutting and cross cutting tasks, the DeWalt DC390K cordless circular saw kit features a 6 1/2 inch blade with a carbide tip that offers high strength and durability that you will rarely find in this price range. Precisely machine crafted out of high quality parts, the DeWalt DC390K cordless circular saw kit offers tremendous value for your money.

DeWalt DC390K

The DeWalt DC390K provides 3700 RPM of fast and efficient cutting power, and is equally capable of performing large cutting jobs as well as more intricate tasks. The 6 1/2 inch carbide blade can be adjusted to 90° and 45° angles, making it one of the most flexible and versatile circular saws on the market.

Greatly adding to the durability of the unit is the magnesium shoe and upper guard. Ruggedly constructed and able to withstand a wide range of demanding applications, these components add considerably to the ruggedness of the DeWalt DC390K.

Users of the DeWalt DC390K cordless circular saw kit will appreciate the powerful fan cooled motor that comes with user changeable brushes. The battery is an 18 V XRP unit that offers steady and consistent long-term operation.

Product Details/Features

1. Powerful 3,700 RPM motor

2. Replaceable brushes

3. Rugged magnesium shoe and upper guard

4. Weighs only 8.7-pounds

What’s in the Box

1. DeWalt DC390K 18-volt Ni-Cad 6-1/2-inch cordless Circular Saw

2. One-hour charger

3. An 18-volt XRP battery pack

4. Carbide tipped saw blade

5. Blade wrench

6. Rip fence

7. Heavy-duty kit box

DeWalt DC390K Circular Saw

Most customer reviews of the DeWalt DC390K generally mention favorable performance and tough construction as some of the better selling points of the unit. Nevertheless, more than a few users have commented on the slightly underpowered engine, and the difficulty in cutting straight lines even when using a guide.

Not all of the reports were as negative however, and several other users did manage to use the DeWalt DC390K effectively for a number of simple to fairly complicated cutting tasks. One customer in particular was pleasantly surprised to find that the DeWalt DC390K managed to perform admirably even against more expensive power tools. This customer reports having purchased a few other pieces of equipment from the DeWalt company since then.

It appears that the DeWalt DC390K is used for a wider variety of tasks than you would first expect. One customer reports favorable results while using the DeWalt DC390K to cut full sheets of plywood into more manageable pieces down in his cellar for later transfer upstairs. For this application alone, the customer reports being quite satisfied with the DeWalt DC390K cordless circular saw kit, particularly given its relatively low cost.

Finally, one customer appreciated the fact that the DeWalt DC390K was so solidly and ruggedly built. This customer has many other power tools from a variety of different manufacturers, and he reports having no trouble with regard to durability and reliability even when comparing the unit against his more expensive power tools. Needless to say this customer was confident that the other products in the DeWalt line would be sufficiently tough and well-built as well. Visit this site for more circular saw reviews of 2015.